Asset Managers and Business Owners contact GRS Liquidations to receive fast, safe, efficient & confidential asset recovery. Sell or consign obsolete, surplus assets, reduce warehouse costs, and convert unnecessary overhead into capital.  

GRS can also facilitate a donation for your assets. Call us at 636-600-1009 to discuss an asset recovery plan for your business or complete the attached form.


How do I know my surplus assets have value?

Send GRS an inventory, description, or photos of the assets you would like to liquidate.  Our staff will review your submission and reach out with questions to help develop a liquidation plan.

What type of information will you need to help determine the value of my assets?

Accurate information is essential when accessing the value of assets.  Our staff will need to know the following:


1. How and where, and how are items stored? Pallets, Gaylords, Shelving, etc.

2. Condition of the assets, including age, used, new, working and working state of the equipment

3. The time frame for removal; Is this a "Forced Liquidation" with a definite time frame, or an "Orderly Liquidation" allowing time for planning and strategic options.

4. Availability of the assets, including removal conditions, dock accessibility, and any conditions that will factor into the cost of removal

How does GRS pick up our items for purchase?

Once we have identified how the items are stored, we will develop a plan to pick up the items. 

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